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My name is Gavin Andrade.

Who am I?

Hey! My name is Gavin Andrade, and I am currently enrolled in the Union County Magnet High School as a Sophomore.

Interests / Hobbies

Technology has fascinated me from a young age. My hobbies include that of technology, ranging from web development to utilizing the Adobe Creative Cloud. I often spend time working on digital projects, whether it being game development or creating visuals for organizations. I love technology!


Sept. 2021 - June 2025      Union County Magnet High School


Adobe Creative Cloud
- Photoshop
- Illustrator
- After Effects
- Premiere Pro
- AutoCAD
- Fusion 360
- Teamwork
- Creativity
- Passion

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Autodesk Certified User: AutoCAD
Awarded May 2022

Credential ID: y3Qa-XVUn

Autodesk Certified User: Fusion 360
Awarded May 2023

Credential ID: 9qYC-sFGw

Projects I've Completed / Organizations I've Worked With:

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Email         hello@gavinandrade.comPhone        +1 (908) 481-9994LinkedIn   https://www.linkedin.com/in/gavinandrade/

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Video Creation

Sophomore Year Historian

In my Sophomore year of High School, I ran for student council Historian, and this was my campaign video (made with Adobe After Effects):


Website Experience

Your New Best Friend Dog Rescue

As a volunteer for the Your New Best Friend Dog Rescue, I've helped care for dogs that are in need of homes, such as feeding and walking. Additionally, I've made a website for this dog rescue containing all the necessities. I evaluated their old website and used both old and new content to create a better user experience and design. I took an abundance of the information listed in one total page and separated and clarified this information in separate pages. I used Adobe After Effects to create animated graphics for the website and utilized the Wix Website Editor features.



Rhythm Road

Rhythm Road was created in my junior year Introduction to Programming class using the Processing language.Rhythm Road is a rhythm game with the objective of clicking circles that spawn on beat with the level's song. When beats appear, the player has 2.5 seconds (2 on extreme levels) to click the beat. If the beat is clicked, the score goes up by 1. If it is missed, nothing will happen. If more than 4 beats are missed in a row, the player will fail the level.The player can win a level by making it to the end without failing. When a player wins the game, their score is added to their total points statistic, which can be viewed in the stats menu.


Hey, my name is

Gavin Andrade

Union, NJ | Technology

About Me

Passionate and motivated in the field of technology, with a career dream to make a lasting, positive change in the world. Strong creativity and teamworking skills.

My Work

The Healing Hugs Foundation

Founder and Technology

The Healing Hugs Foundation’s sole purpose is to collect stuffed animals and donate them to local hospitals. My purpose in creating this organization was to spread cheer, strength, and prosperity to children going through hard times. Within in the span of 2 weeks, I was able to create and maintain a website, email system, and collect over 46 stuffed animals through social media marketing.

Gavin's Tech Services

Indepenent Business Owner

I created my business, Gavin’s Tech Services, as a way to promote and
strengthen technology knowledge across my community. By providing various technical services at low prices, such as technology help/support, website creation, social media management, and content creation, I am able to ease the technological path for many local businesses and individuals.